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Welcome to the official Catriona Rowntree website!

About Catriona

​Welcome to my Blog and to my World. I’ve been a Travel Reporter for 19 years now, roaming the globe reporting on inspired locations, amazing characters and I thought you may like to come along for the ride.

 You may also be interested in being at home in the country with me too… it’s a little different. You see, my life took on a bit of a Green Acres tilt some years ago, when this City Chick fell for a Fresh Farmer and each day we try to somehow meet in the middle of Pretty versus Practical. 

When not travelling, or farming, I’m a besotted Mum to 2 cherubs, I also design a range of baby clothes for Target, I write, I garden, I’m a passionate advocate for Landcare, Australian Wool, all things to do with women’s wellbeing and everything that’s naturally beautiful. I’ll be honest, there’s never a dull moment.

So buckle up, I truly hope you’ll enjoy the ride.

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