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Christmas Q&A with author ​Jane Webster

Published : November 30, 2014 |

A quick Christmas Q&A with author ​Jane Webster!

1.What would you suggest for a Christmas afternoon tea? 

Brioche rolls filled with smoked salmon, cucumber and horseradish cream fraiche.... Sprinkle tops with finely chopped chives. 

NOTE:There's a great Vietnamese baker calledTopbreadthat make the little brioche buns. ( chicken and leek mini pies) ( Tiny fruit tarts and mini orange cakes)

2.What must I have on the table or around the room for decoration? 

Flowers and little parcels wrapped beautifully with a tiny note / trinket inside for each person

3.Whats your favourite treat for a 'French Christmas Table'?

"Buche Noel" .... French Xmas cake NOTE: recipe in " At My French Table"

4.What are you hoping Santa will pop in your Christmas stocking this year? 

Another wonderful year of love and happiness with my family..... And perhaps a fit bit!!

5.Whats a sure fire winner for Children to eat at Christmas? 

Delicious little pork and herb sausage rolls with a homemade chutney. Chicken strips crumbed in fresh breadcrumbs, Parmesan and parsley

7.What are your plans for Christmas?

Melbourne Xmas this year. Every second year we are in France. Friends and family. I love attending a midnight service on Xmas Eve.... Must be a major cathedral with a great choir. Xmas lunch at home, turkey, ham and pork with all the trimmings. My mother in law makes the Xmas cake. My girls and I bake mince tarts, shortbread and the pudding of course. We Tim a tree the first week of December while playing Xmas carols, eating chicken sandwiches and sausage rolls and sipping champagne. 

6. A festive drink?

Kir Noel... Looks so festive and... It's champagne!! 

Jane Webster with some treats

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