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My Wool Range 2013

Published : May 05, 2014 |

A photo shoot with some cute babies, wearing my range!

​I shouldn't really show you this photo (a baby crying may not be the most positive endorsement) but it's just so darn cute I couldn't help myself. We are finally celebrating the launch of my 'wool for babies' range, available at Target and are in PR mode. Kim Wilson from The Herald Sun has been a huge support and asked if we could organise a photo shoot with some cute babies, wearing my range, snuggled up to a 'lil lamb.

I had to laugh when the Target PR girls went into a mad spin to see if they could hire a lamb from a pet zoo. 'Girls, walk out into our back paddock and you can have as many as you like' I happily informed them. True to form, now we've hit the cold weather at home, there are gorgeous lambs popping out everywhere you look. Life is one long 'ooooh, ahhhh' from me and 'baaaa' from them. The above lamb is 4 days old and was a total trouper, never seen a lamb, let alone a TV Presenter sit still, so perfectly. We named him Minty at the end of the shoot...before he re-joined his Mummy.

So, the range. I'm going out of my head with excitement about it. To know that every baby, thanks to Target, has the opportunity to wear these soft, sustainable, clothes at a price that doesn't break the bank. To support Australian wool and it's farmers. To make my hubby proud and feel like I'm actually contributing to our property. It's a quiet thrill.

As you may know, I'm obsessed with singing the praises of wool. To the point that last year, after seeing a story on wool promotion (it was a bit 'beige' shall we say) on the tele, I called AWI and said 'put me to work! I love wool, I can talk under water and I'm married to the worlds most handsome Wool Grower, use me!'. I kid you not, the head of Marketing called back within 5 minutes and said 'is that the same Catriona Rowntree who has the baby range in Target?' No mention of 20 years on TV, but this guy knew I already had a line of baby clothes in the same store that is one of Australia's biggest buyers of wool. Yes, Target are huge wool fans, I never knew that and now we are celebrating the launch of our first wool for babies range. For what it's worth, wool is easy peasy to care for, I just throw it in a wool wash (never use Napisan with wool) then dry it on the line (never in the Dryer). Just thought I'd mention that as I know parents are looking for ease with their childs clothing.

The fact that wool doesn't need to be ironed, will last for yonks, is breathable, will make your baby sleep perfectly (go with me) and supports our Farmers...all big ticks for me.

I may not be able to shear a sheep, I burn water and I can't sew a hem let alone a crop. Things I may have felt shame for before, but now I've found a way to contribute to my Husbands Business, by talking the leg off a chair, being creative and creating this range... I own my lack of rural skills. 

For so long I've beaten myself up, 'what am I doing on a farm, how can James be interested in me, I'm a square peg in a round hole'. That's no longer going around in my head. I've realised we all are able to find a way to contribute, we just have to play to our strengths. If that's talking the leg off a chair, if that's wanting to wrap babies up in devine clothes, if that's ...well, you get my point. We are all able to find our own way. And, maybe make another smile in the process. 

Bon Voyage. 


Catriona's  Target Wool Range was a one off “Capsule collection”  and has successfully sold out.

Check out Catriona's new baby range released May 9th 2014 and available in selected stores and online.

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