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Exciting Times!

Published : November 30, 2014 |

Tractor Fun!

The excitement is bubbling away as I prepare for the next instalment of my Catriona Rowntree Baby clothing range at Target. All the wheels are in motion for it to hit stores May 8 and be sold online via the Target website May 9.  I'd love for you to check it out. 

​So, may I let you know a little bit about it? Well I think it's going to be obvious when you see each gorgeous piece that the inspiration has come from our life on the farm. But for this range, Target threw me the challenge of designing for a slightly older baby. I normally care for Newborns (yes, I say 'care' as we put so much love into each piece, as though we were dressing our own bub) with quite fine pieces, but these older babies, I think, can be a bit more rambunctious. Well, my babies certainly were.

Sneak Peak!

I've tried so hard to think about the durability of the clothing, nothing too precious and indeed 'can this be worn for playing on the farm?'. All our tractors get a run, our beloved merino sheep, and the wheat that we are about to sew into the ground once again. 

My Inspiration

A favourite piece is the shearling jacket and I'll admit this has been inspired from my own wardrobe. Years ago I filmed a Getaway story in Canada when it was -25 degrees, yep, minus 25. As an Aussie I had no idea how to dress for this weather and I bought upon landing this classic shearling coat that, to this day, I still wear and adore. 

All in all, I hope you love the range, feel free to ask me any questions and don't forget we'll pop up a link so that you can buy online.

​Enjoy and thankyou for supporting this range for the last five years.

Bon Voyage!

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